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At Yarrow we farm rainbow trout, blue rainbow trout and brown trout. The rainbow trout, unlike the brown trout, are not indigenous to the UK, rather, the originate from Asia, the Pacific and North America. We divide our trout into different ponds depending on size, rather than dividing them by species.


Trout are carnivorous fish and so require an animal-based diet. We work with BioMar and feed our trout a blood-meal based feed; this is far more sustainable and ethical than fish-meal based feeds as can be used in the industry. This feed covers all the nutritional needs of the fish, ensuring healthy growth. Recently, we have been looking into more sustainable and environmentally friendly methods such as growing soldier fly larvae using waste food products. These are an excellent source of protein and fat for the trout and are very similar to what they would eat in the wild.

During transportation of the fish, pure oxygen is diffused into the tanks and air is pumped in to produce a flow of water within the tanks, ensuring optimum oxygen circulation to make transportation as easy and stress-free for the trout as possible.

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